Azelma Thénardier
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Thénardier (father)
Madame Thenadier (mother)
Éponine (older sister) †
Gavroche (younger brother)
Pressoir and Jurges (younger brothers; novel)

Voice Actor

Kurumi Mamiya
Chihiro Yarita (2 years old)

Azelma Thénardier (born 1816) is the younger sister of Éponine, the older sister of Gavroche, and a secondary character in the series.


Though she was spoiled and mean as a child, Azelma doesn't seem to be truly malicious, seeing as she was just following the example of older people around her. She expresses a desire to find happy endings for herself and her mother, ending her part of the story on a rather hopeful note.

Background/Role in StoryEdit

Azelma was only two-years-old when Fantine arrived at the Waterloo Inn with Cosette. In the beginning, Azelma partly copies the actions of Éponine and her Mother, and their cruelty to Cossette, due to her young age. However, from an early age she was encouraged by her mother to be cruel to Cosette, along with Éponine.

Though spoiled during her childhood, by the time she's a teenager, the family is broke. Azelma took part in Thénardier's schemes to get money by delivering letters to wealthy benefactors. During an attempt to rob Jean Valjean, Azelma is arrested with the others (minus Éponine, Valjean, and Marius) while she's keeping watch outside, and spends a large portion of the story in prison. She and her mother are released some time around Marius and Cosette's wedding. They plan to return to their home town and start new lives, free of crime.

Differences from the NovelEdit

  • Near the end of the novel, Azelma travels with Thénardier to America, where he becomes a slave trader, while, in the Anime, she and Madame Thénardier travel back to Montfermeil after their release from jail to run their old inn together without Thénardier