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Cosette and Marius finally meet face-to-face

Giving Up On Reunion is the 33rd episode of the series.


One morning, Jean Valjean heads off to get back to work. Cosette asks if she can come along, worried that Valjean may not be able to handle being alone. Valjean explains that he just needs to meet with someone who can support the building of the school financially; he concludes that he will be fine on his own, and back in two or three days, leaving Toussaint and Cosette at the Rue Plumet. Inside the carriage, Valjean requests the driver to head to Montfermeil.

Later that day, the two ladies are walking in the streets when Cosette stops in her tracks and notices a large white dog at an intersection that faces the two women, the leaves the scene. When Toussaint asks Cosette what the matter is, Cosette explains to her about Chou Chou, the dog she raised and played with when she was young.


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