Marius & Mabeuf in Luxembourg Gardens

Mabeuf reveals the truth behind Col. Pontmercy's absence for much of Marius's life

Marius Pontmercy is the 21st episode of the series. The episode mainly focuses on the family dynamics and sudden revelation regarding the titular character, while occassionally switching back to Cosette's times in the convent.

This is not to be confused with the character of the same name.


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  • There is a translation error present in this episode's title card, in which the proper title is given in the kanji scripture, but the translation below gives the name of the 48th episode
  • Fauchlevent passes away in this episode, most likely from old age; in part, because of this, Valjean and Cosette leave the Petit Picpus convent to live in the city of Paris 
    Episode 21 Title Card Error

    An error in the episode's title card: the kanji scripture translates to the episode's proper title, unlike the given translation below


Differences from the NovelEdit

  • In the novel, Cosette is enlisted into the Petit-Picpus convent on March 20, 1824. The episode depicting this eventually goes into a five-year time skip to 1829, where the events of this episode take place. This is inaccurate with the novel, as the death of Col. Pontmercy occurs in 1827, and Marius leaving his grandfather's occurs in 1828

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