Meille Profile Shot

Meille was a foreman at the black glass factory in Montreuil-sur-Mer, and Fantine's boss.

She allows Fantine to work at the factory after a brief interview (unaware that the latter has lied in her application), and gives her a tour of the facility before introducing her to Zephine, a fellow worker and a mentor of sorts for the new employee. After hearing multiple complaints regarding Fantine by the other workers, discovering that Fantine has been raising an illegitimate child in hiding, and witnessing a scuffle between Fantine and Zephne, Meille fires Fantine from the factory without hearing Fantine's side of the story, declaring that it is an order from Monsieur Madeleine.

Later, when Fantine is terminally ill with tuberculosis, Meille stops by the hospital to apologize for refusing to listen to the former's story, stating that she didn't want any trouble at the factory. Fantine forgives her, and Meille is relieved. She then agrees to pick up Cosette from the Waterloo Inn to atone for her actions. Upon arriving, she is scammed by the Thénardiers, who lie about the amount of money Fantine had owed them, and portray their younger daughter Azelma as Cosette to hide the fact that they have been mistreating her. Meille leaves the Inn for Montreuil-sur-Mer to acquire the right amount of money, and is not seen again in the series.