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From left to right: Babet, Claquesous, Gueulemer, and Montparnasse—the members of the Patron-Minette

Patron-Minette is a criminal street gang consisting of four members: Montparnasse, Babet, Claquesous, and Gueulemer. They were well acquainted with Thénardier, who recruited them to assist in robbing Jean Valjean on multiple occasions, all of which failed.

In episode 37, the morning after the failed attempt to rob the Rue Plumet, the gang cut ties with Thénardier in a pub, after which the latter stated that they were all "dunces" and that he would "... get riches that you all long for, and live the life of an aristocrat", by which time he would make them "drown in their regret." In a drunken rage, Thénardier stormed out of the building, never to see the criminal gang again.

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Montparnasse (born 1813) is one of the four main members of the Patron-Minette crime gang. Even with his criminal history, he is very appealing and upholds much grace and level-headedness. It has been hinted several times that he is a possible lover of Éponine, based on his manner of speech and mannerisms around her, but this has never been confirmed otherwise.

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Babet is

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Claquesous (died 1832 in the novel) is one of the four main members of the Patron-Minette crime gang. Add more text here...

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  • In the novel, Claquesous adopts the alias "Le Cabuc" and joins the Friends of the ABC at the barricade, where he is shot dead by Enjolras for murdering an innocent citizen. In the Anime, he does not join the Friends, and questions the reasoning for the students' uprising against the government alongside the rest of the Patron-Minette.

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